Who is God of Cricket – How he became the “God of Cricket”

Hello, I welcome you all in my blog ‘Around the Cricket’. In this blog you will come to know that “who is god of cricket”. So as you know cricket is a bat and ball game which is also known as gentlemen’s game. In Cricket there were many legends and many are still there. But there was a player who was specially loved by the cricket world and called “God of Cricket” he is none other than “Sachin Tendulkar”. Also known by his famous name “Master Blaster”. He was given this name because of his exceptional cricket record but, rather than this he has a large number of fan base in India as compare to other cricketers. In 2021 a film was released named “God of Cricket” and the main purpose of this film is to give some “tribute to Sachin Tendulkar as he serves India for 24 years”.

Who is God of Cricket

Sachin make his debut for India in 1989 against Pakistan in a Test Match at Karachi, Pakistan. Sachin Tendulkar then only was 16 years old and he inspire the entire generation to pick up the willow. Sachin faced the first ball of his innings, he misses the bouncer and got hit on his nose. Due to the ball hit the nose there was only blood, his partner Sidhu gave him advice to get retire hurt but, the young boy has refused to retire hurt by saying these words – ” Nahin Main Khelega”.

That is how the 16 years old Sachin loves the game from his childhood.

Who Named Sachin as “GOD OF CRICKET”

Australian Cricketer Mathew Hayden was the first person who gave Sachin the title “God of Cricket”. 

Mathew Hayden words for Sachin that :-

“If Cricket is Religion in India, than Sachin is the God of Cricket”

Australian cricketer said this because of Sachin’s popularity and emotional connection between Sachin and his fans. On Sachin’s retirement in 2013, Mathew Hayden once again said this quote about Sachin Tendulkar that:-


Here are some records that was made by Master Blaster :

  1. Sachin Tendulkar scored total 34357 runs across all formats Test, Odi, t20i, for India.
  2. He was the first and only batsman till July 2023 to score 100 centuries in International Cricket across all the formats.
  3. Sachin is the one and only batsman to play largest number of test matches that is 200 and this record is unbeatable in cricket history.
  4. Sachin is the First batsman to score 10000,11000,12000,13000,14000,15000,16000,17000 and18000 runs in odi cricket.
  5. Sachin is the First batsman to score 50 test match centuries.
  6. Sachin is the First batsman to score double century in odi cricket.
  7. Sachin is the First batsman to score More than 2000 fours in ODI Career.
  8. Sachin is the First batsman to score 15000 runs in Test cricket.
  9. Sachin is the First batsman to score Most ODI Runs in a Calendar Year (1998).
  10. Sachin is the First batsman to score Most Man of the Series Awards (20).
  11. Sachin is the only Batsman to score most fifties in career that is 264 fifties.
  12. Sachin is the only Batsman to play most matches in career that is 664 matches.

Some Famous Quotes About Sachin Tendulkar

‘In Cricket, My Superhero is Sachin Tendulkar. He has always been my hero and will continue to remain so.’ ~ VIRAT KOHLI

‘You get him out and half the battle is won.’ ~ Arjuna Ranatunga

‘If Sachin bats well, India sleeps well.’ ~ Harsha Bhogle

‘Sachin is the most complete batsman I have ever seen.’ ~ Ricky Ponting

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Conclusion on Who is God of Cricket

The answer to the question who is the god of cricket than he is none other than “Sachin Tendulkar”.  These are the the reason why Sachin is called the God of the Cricket. If anyone asks the question that who is the god of cricket now you got simple and accurate answer to it “Sachin Tendulkar”.


Ques 1 . Who is 2nd God of Cricket now?

The answer for this question is Virat Kohli. As Virat Kohli is called as second god of cricket due to his tremendous records and he has most fan following than Sachin Tendulkar. So Virat Kohli is known as 2nd God of Cricket

Ques 2. Who is 3rd God of Cricket?

Indian Cricket fans believe that after Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli Rohit Sharma is the 3rd God of Cricket. Rohit is the only player that when he hits a century than the fan are directly lookin for a double century from him.

Ques 3. Who is current God of Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar is the current God of Cricket because in his career Sachin gain this name by the world and all cricket fans. And the matter of Virat and Rohit being 2nd and 3rd God of cricket than these positions were given to them by their fans only.

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