How to Become a Cricketer

How to Become a Cricketer: Cricket is a game that is played with bat and ball between two teams including 11 players on each team on a large ground having a 22 yards pitch with wickets on both ends of the pitch. Cricket is second most popular sports in the world with up to or over 2.5 billions fans. The Cricket was started by Britishers about 300 years ago. International Cricket Council was founded on 15 June, 1909 to make cricket sports worldwide popular and in December 1928 Board of Control for Cricket in India was founded.

Every second child in India wants to be a cricketer and wishes to represent his country. So this article will help anyone that How to Become a Cricketer.

How to Become a Cricketer

Who is a Cricketer 

A person who plays cricket is a cricketer specially a person who plays cricket professionally. A professional cricketer is a person who is physically strong and mentally knows how to play the game technically that is important for his team. Every cricketer cannot become international player but there are some who are pro in their skills and gets chance to become international player. There are 4 types of Cricket Players and these are: Batsman, Bowler, All-Rounder and Wicketkeeper.

How to Become a Cricketer: Step by Step Guide

1. Requirements to Become a Cricketer

There are no such educational requirements that are needed to become a cricketer but it is not simple to become a cricketer one must need to play the game well and master skills as your role. The person also needs to stay fit physically and mentally. These are some requirements that you need and read this article completely and then you don’t need to search How to Become a Cricketer.

2. Take Decision Early

If you wants to become a cricketer then it is important to take this decision as early as you can. If a child is 12-13 years old then he or she have to start taking cricket training professionally. If a guy started play cricket early at 12-13 years of age than he got more time to enhance his/her skills as compared to someone who starts to play at the age of 19-20. Let us understand this simply: Suppose there are two boys A and B,  boy A is 13 years old and boy B is 19 years old.

Boy A started professional training at 13 years of age if he will master his skills within 2-3 years till he becomes 16 if he plays well he got chance to play for under 16 cricket team than under 19 cricket team, under 23 cricket team and much more.

How to Become a Cricketer

On the other hand boy B started playing at the age of 19 than it also takes 2-3 years for him to master his skills than he will become 22-23 years old and have chance to represent under 23 district team or college team. The fact is boy B will have less chances to play.

Age doesn’t Matter: If you want to become international cricketer and you are 18 or 19 years old than don’t worry start practice ASAP. Age doesn’t matter but you will have to prove yourself in short time with your talent. Here is some cricketers who started playing cricket professionally a little bit late : Murli Vijay started at the age 17, Kedar Jadhav, Saeed Ajmal and Surya Kumar Yadav is one of biggest example who made his debut in international cricket at age of 31.

How to Become a Cricketer


3. Basic Game Understanding and Define Your Role

Basic Game Understanding not just means that how to use bat or ball but it means one isHow to Become a Cricketer familiar about the equipment that are used in cricket, cricket rules and regulations.


Define your role means you have to select which type of cricket player you want to become a batter, bowler, all-rounder or a wicket-keeper. You can decide your role according to your strength or ability, you can also decide your role by discussing to your coach.


4. Join a Right Cricket Academy or Find a Right Coach


If you want to be a professional cricketer then you have to join a cricket academy or even a right cricket academy with a hardworking culture which helps in increasing your game significantly time by time. Find a professional cricket academy if you decided to make career in cricket. How to Become a CricketerA right cricket academy play a important role in training or guiding a player to become a good cricketer. And also if you join a professional cricket academy, then the culture you are surrounded in by good competitive that will push you to perform well every day.

Find a Right Coach: Cricket players have a crucial relationship with their coach, did yo know? This is because coach is only one person except you who knows about your game more than any other, and a coach not just help you to improve the game but also push you beyond the limits so that a hidden talent from you comes out. While you are selecting your coach, do a conduct and check the background and also check which players were trained by that coach.

5. Do Regular Workout & Take a Balanced Diet 

Inspired by Virat Kohli, six-pack Sheldon Jackson reaps rewards of fitness transformation | Cricket News - Times of IndiaCricket is a physical sports means you have to be physically very compatible to become a good cricketer. You have to train yourself in such a way that even you can play in 5th day of the test match with same potential that you played on the 1st day of the match. To score runs or to take wickets throughout the match you have to stay fit at it’s best. A regular workout makes a cricketer good at field, big players like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Faf Du Plessis are fittest cricketers of world. You will watch at least once Virat Kohli’s workout in the gym.

MS Dhoni is 42 years old and even at this age he is fit to pass the YO YO Test. How to Become a CricketerEven Faf Du Plessis is 39 and he is considered as fittest cricketer. If you want to become fit as these cricketers you will have to run hard and have to gym to focus on your cores but gyming to much may cause some injuries. SO ALWAYS TRY TO DO RUNNING AND BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES.

Take a Balanced Diet: How to Become a Cricketer So you are becoming a professional cricketer or athlete so you have to follow a strict and balanced diet plan like professional athletes. You also have to spend hours in training to get body fit. Now a days it is very easy to find cheap diet plans or free diet plans online. ALL YOU NEED TO AVOID JUNK FOOD.

6. Start Playing Tournaments

How to Become a Cricketer

Now you are step 6, You trained well, workout well, diet well, playing at right academy or under right coach now you are able to play tournaments. You may start playing from small tournaments but always aim for big. If you play for a team or club than make sure that you will play all small and big tournaments around you or all over the country.

7. Join School or College Cricket Team

How to Become a Cricketer

Your next step is to be appear in school or college team selection and must join them. Your school or college team will help you in professional training and helps you to understand team dynamics which is very important part in cricketing career. School or College Cricket team will give you more chances to play and get chances to play against good players. School or College Cricket Team will help you join District level team of your state.

8. Join District Team

Once you have played in your School or College Team than you will appear in your district team selection trials. You have to perform and practice hard and make your chance in playing 11. You will have compete with many competitors but you have to prove yourself among all these cricketers. If you are failed to join District Team than If you are 14-15 years old you have to appear in under 16 trials there will be people with less experience whom you will compete with.

9. Join State Team

Now you are a district team player all you have to do is perform consistently and come in eyes of selectors of State Team. This is the simple and best way to get chance in your state team. If you don’t get a chance in state team by this method then don’t worry there will held trials in every three months to join state team.How to Become a Cricketer

As now you are the part of  your State Cricket Team than you will get chance to play in national level tournaments like Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy. As now you are a national level player you will get a government job offered by state government according to your field.

10. Play IPL

As now to are a state level player, if you play well in your state team then you will get a chance to play in IPL. This is the best platform specially for Indian Cricketers to show their talent at international level and also IPL cricketers also became financially strong. After you play well in your state team in tournaments like Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy you will come in the eyes on IPL franchises.

How to Become a Cricketer

IPL franchises are always looking for new talent and if you perform well the franchises will bid for you in IPL auction. And if you perform well in IPL than you will comes in the eyes of audience as IPL have bigger audience. This increases the chances of players selection in National Cricket Team. We have an example Hardik Pandya is the biggest example who didn’t play any national level match and got selected for Indian Cricket Team only after doing great performance in Mumbai Indians.

National Cricket Team Selection 

How to Become a Cricketer

Every country who play sports has a it’s National Cricket Team. In India Player firstly got selected in India-A squad and then they will qualify for National Team. India A squad for specially to test players at foreign situations and pitches. You will need to perform consistently in all these conditions against the A teams of all other countries. As you perform well you will com on the eyes of National Cricket Team Selectors and this will give you a chance to play in National Cricket Team.

As Now you performed well and got selected in National Cricket Team than congratulations you are a International Cricketer Now.

This is step by step guide for How to Become a Cricketer. Read this article again if don’t understand anything and after reading this start playing and no need to searches like this How to Become a Cricketer.

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